Mk2 GT coughs and chokes in ‘E’ gear ‘5th’

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Mk2 GT coughs and chokes in ‘E’ gear ‘5th’

Post by Aston »

Hi all,

Just purchased my first scirocco and love it already!

On driving home the car responds great in gears 1-4 around town etc.and in higher revs.

Once I hit the motorway it was a different story. On shifting into ‘E’ gear or ‘5th’ whilst cruising along at around 70ish the engine pulls along fine for a couple of mins and then starts to choke as if being starved of fuel. The car jerks and pulls back and forth. I pulled over and it still ticks over, only cut out once, leave standing for a minute and then it’ll pull off as normal. It did this every time I tried to get up into this gear. It resulted in me driving back in 4th. It only did this once during the 3hour journey whilst in 4th and this was towards the end.

Just wondering if there is something I should look at first!! The car is running original carb, this has been tuned and, I’m told, was running really well.

Any help appreciated

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Re: Mk2 GT coughs and chokes in ‘E’ gear ‘5th’

Post by Brunty »

Hi, I meant to reply when I first read your post, but in the meantime I've thought of another reason.

One is the common problem of crud in the fuel, but your problem doesn't sound like this really as it's working on high revs.

It could be something like the ignition coil overheating or breaking down when under load and causing a missfire.


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