198BHP vs 211BHP 2009/2010

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198BHP vs 211BHP 2009/2010

Post by gogglez »

Hello Guys,

I'm looking to buy a used scirocco as i've loved these cars since I saw the first one back in 2008!

After looking online, I cant seem to find one with the exact specs that im looking for which are the following:

White or Blue
Pan Roof
Full Leather
Black Rims
2.0 TSi GT 2010 onwards
Below 50k Mileage

I have found plenty 2009 models that fit my description but it shows on paper a 13BHP difference and im a bit of a power freak so the more the merrier!

My question is... is the BHP a true reflection on power or just a number they decided to add on the autotrader website?

I would have assumed that these engines were exactly the same with the same internal spec.

Would you go for the 2009 or the 2010+ model if you were in my position?

Apologies if this has been posted in the wrong section!

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Re: 198BHP vs 211BHP 2009/2010

Post by Brunty »

They use the same engines as the Golf GTI of the same era. As far as I'm aware there is very little difference between them physically. There may be a small difference in fuel pressure, injectors and map.

Tuning wise, I'd start with as much power as possible and work from there ;) Loads of tuning options available though, Revo or APR are favourites and charge ~£500 for a stage 1 remap which will give 250+bhp.

The other differences in the car lie internally - different heater controls, steering wheel and stereo etc. Personally, I prefer the later models.


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